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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Let's try inviting a visitor to speak up- again...

So far, this little game I invented has been a real bust. I've tried a couple times to get a repeat visitor from my referral logs to speak up and say hello with very little success. My visitor from Nob Noster, Missouri promised to email me some details but it sounds like he's a busy guy who travels quite often, so no story yet.

Tonight, lets try this visitor from Fuquay Varina, North Carolina! I'm only picking on this visitor because I've noticed the odd name of the town in my visitors list.

So, how about it Mr or Ms Fuquay Varina, care to out yourself in the comments and tell a little bit about yourself and why you visit Wasted Electrons? C'mon, don't be shy. I'm really just curious about my visitors so share what you are comfortable sharing. If you like, email me and let me know something that's ok to share and what you might not wish to share. And don't stop visiting!

What does that town's name mean anyway?

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